Boarding in Style!

OUR FACILITY - Margale Pet Resort

Margale Pet Resort/Puppy Training Academy is located in Vista, California near Bonsall, in the northeast region of San Diego County. A mile west of the Interstate 15 freeway, our location allows for easy access and quick drop-off and pick-ups for most.

The 3 acre property includes a main house, guest house, 2 In-door/Out-door kennel buildings, a training building, a grooming salon, a state-of-the-art dog feeding kitchen, and several outdoor kennel paddocks and running room. Each kennel run measures a generous fourteen by four feet living quarter. The perimeter of the outdoor kennel runs is equipped with a sophisticated water vapor mist system to control flying insects and also cool the air on warm summer days. During cool winter nights, the dogs are kept comfortably warm inside the indoor kennel runs with radiant floor heating. All buildings of the facility are equipped with air conditioning and air purification units. As a distributor of the the Kuranda Doggie Beds, our kennels and condos are equipped with the off-the-floor durable and comfortable doggie beds that come in all sizes for all boarding dogs.

As a licensed boarding kennel, we are subject to strict standards and kennel regulations and must undergo periodic inspections and reviews. We utilize Triple 2 kennel disinfectant solution & Eliminator solutions, which was primarily developed for canine kennels, animal shelters, and the like. Triple 2 Kennel Disinfectant, (unlike bleach), is safe, and very effective as a good cleaning and viral killing agent. Because your pet’s health is very important, we insist that all necessary precautions are followed to insure that all pets are safe from disease and parasites, including strict adherence to state mandated rules for proof of rabies vaccinations for all boarding dogs in our kennel. Our ongoing licensing compliance is one important reason why you can be assured that your pet will be safe and receive the utmost care during his or her stay. Please remember that booking with us in advance is critical, especially throughout the holiday seasons, to maintain the highest level of care and individual attention to your pet. We limit the number of dogs on our property not only to humane standards, but to an efficiency of love and care.


We truly believe that the Margale Pet Resort provides the best accommodations available anywhere for clients, who want the best for their pets. While the facility maintains a strong emphasis on training in obedience & conformation, it also provides a perfect setting and plenty of room for just running, playing, chasing and fetching.

The owners and staff of the Margale Pet Resort are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, striving to maintain an unprecedented level of care, training, and attention to all boarded dogs and puppies. Whereas most boarding kennels will put their boarded dogs into crates as early as 6pm or 7pm at night, close their doors, leave the building, and then come back to reopen the following morning, we potty and exercise boarding dogs individually as late as 11 PM, if needed. This results in less cleanup and bathing duties for the staff, a higher level of comfort for the dogs, and an efficient potty training schedule for our clients to easily follow.

The activities that we provide for our boarding dogs can include basic obedience training, daily walks, in-home housebreaking reinforcement, playing ball, running on the treadmill (or dog-a-jog), socialization, field trip socialization, conformation training, and training for house manners. If interested in any one of our extracurricular activities, please feel free to contact us. Feeding times are at 7:30am and 5pm, with young puppies receiving an additional noontime lunch. Potty breaks, socialization and exercise are provided approximately every two hours until 10pm.


Our staff includes two veterinarian technicians with twenty years of experience in animal husbandry and veterinarian care. We employ and maintain the latest medical practices and equipment to properly test for intestinal parasites, micro-organisms, parvo virus disease, and a variety of other ailments which require timely medical attention and treatment once diagnosed.

To help insure the safety and maintain the health of our dogs, we keep a generous supply of medications, vaccinations, de-worming treatments, and emergency health kits. Normal day-to-day treatments and many unexpected medical issues can be handled professionally and conscientiously at the facility, but for other, more difficult treatments or surgical needs, we’re located only a few miles from our favorite veterinarian clinic.


Our professional grooming facility is equipped with an indoor bathtubs and uses warm water for bathing. The Hydrosurge bathing unit provides efficient and thorough bathing and rinsing. Electronic grooming tables and professional high powered blow dryers provide the professional results our clients have come to expect. The shampoos and hair conditioning products for our clients are specifically formulated for healthy and lustrous coats and are the best available. Our basic grooming package consists of bathing, flea control and blow drying. To provide our clients with the best grooming option available anywhere, our Full Show grooming package also includes trimming, sculpting, de-matting, nail clipping, ear cleansing, anal gland extrusion, and teeth scaling.


The mission of both the Puppy Training Academy and the Margale Boarding Kennel is to create an environment that is fun, loving and developmental. Each dog, puppy or person is valued with the utmost respect and compassion. Consideration of each dog’s thinking, feelings and happiness is an absolute requirement for us. Our staff members and management have become accustomed to accepting this as the fundamental premise upon which to naturally develop the skills needed to properly treat all clients and dogs who enter our facility. If we can keep each dog and puppy safe, secure, and happy, we can encourage growth and progress in the right direction. Witnessing the joy and love returned by our dogs can only be infectious. The resulting energy encourages our continued commitment, compassion, and success.

Our Mission Statement - 

"Every single dog's soul is in need of recognition. Our purpose is to care and nurture their spirit so                                      they can bring forth immeasurable value to others." 

                            - Margale Pet Resort, Puppy Training Academy, and Shadalane Golden Retrievers.

For more information, you can visit us at
Margale Pet Resort
29976 Margale Lane
Vista, CA 92084
Phone:  (760) 295-2222