Our Golden Retriever Puppies

As a prerequisite to breeding any of our goldens, we implement genetic testing & screen for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes on each of the sire and dam. It is important to us, as it is a by-law to the Golden Retriever Club of America, that any breeding dog or bitch has actual OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certificates, which can only be certified to those beyond 24 months of age, for hips and elbows. Genetic testing may not be a requirement to the GRCA. 

Puppies will have been dewormed, (in some cases have had their dew claws removed), and vaccinated by NeoPar & NeoVac vaccines, They will also have a 5-way vaccination prior to going home. We provide a vet health checkup at 8 weeks, testing for any worms, parasites, or bacteries. Puppies'  immune systems are vulnebale, and can contract worms, parasites, and bacteria from playing in dirt. However, it can be treated with simple dewormers and medication. It is important to know that we love to handle our puppies to socialize, provide stimulation, training, and a variety of environmental exposure for complete mental stability. 

At Shadalane, we strive to campaign our goldens toward Championship, CGC, and Obedience titles. However, not all of our goldens are able to attain those titles. When breeding, we take in consideration of the pedigrees, the lineage of its champions, health factors in a pedigree, and temperament. Our purpose in breeding is to improve the breed in structure (for shows), health, longevity, and temperament. We have had to eliminate several dogs and bitches from our breeding program, yet keep them as our pets. As it stands, we are limited in what we have to breed because we only want to breed the best that we can. If you are able to get a puppy from us, know that it is with the intention of breeding for the love of it. 

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Photos of families that are proud parents of their new golden retriever puppy. (previous litters)
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(Trained Golden Retriever Puppies
 Updated November 5th,  2017. 
Golden Retriever puppies may be available within the next few months. If you are not already on our waiting list for a future planned litter, feel free to fill out our questionnaire or give us a call at:


Although, we may not currently have puppies avaialable, we do have connections with local breeders, and breeders across the country, who may have beautiful, high quality litters on the ground. You are welcome to call so we may refer you to other reputable breeders.

Eventually, we will be posting more updated information, pictures, bios, and videos on those accepted into the Puppy Training Academy.

Normal office hours are 7am-6pm, 7 days a week. Best time to call for puppy and litter information is between 10am-4pm.
Selected Puppies who are in training may be available once they complete the program. For more information, go to the Trained Goldens tab. We do have young adult goldens, not listed, who are also being trained.  If you are interested in one of our trained goldens, please fill out our questionnaire (link on the left), then for further information, you may email us or feel free to call us anytime.  Call 760-295-2222 or email us at Shadalane@aol.com

"We Stand behind our puppies"  - We provide genetic testing on our breeding pairs of sires and dams, which include screenings on hips, elbows, heart, and eyes. This does not promise that every single puppy we breed will be free of any genetic issue. We do the best that we can to eliminate any issues that we know through testing and pedigree analysis. However, we do stand behind our puppies and our name to provide a full refund and support for genuine situations. 

Please be sure to fill out our Questionnaire, located to your left. Your information can only help to match you with the right puppy
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