Pictures of Nathan, Johnny, Connor, Tyler, & Benji.
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Shadalane Trained Golden Retrievers

We currently have a few young adult goldens and puppies in training. They are in different stages of their training curriculum program, but all of which are going through intensified training with house manners, potty training, repetitional exercises of obedience commands, field trips, self-control, and love. We provide positive reinforcement training though clickers and a great deal of socialization in a variety of environmental settings.   
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Below is one of our graduating classes - Now with their new loving homes.

NathanJohnnyConnorTylerPhoto's Taken at the MallNathan, Connor & BenjiOur Beautiful Goldens at the Mall
- Nathan's Owners

We first made contact with Alan in the spring of 2007, after reading about Shadalane online. We had simply googled Golden Retrievers, and there was their web site. We were overcome while speaking with Alan, and viewing his puppies online. We live in Manhattan, NY. It was something that we knew right away, we had found the right place, and the right puppy for us. The extensive training, and expansive love these puppies receive is evidenced by so many things. Here are some examples of the extraordinary things that Shadalane provides. First of all, when the Nathan needs to relieve himself, he goes to the door and rings a bell to alert you . In addition, Alan is very aware of how important the natural bond is to both the puppy and to its new person/persons. Being "hands on" is a given with Alan.  Also his availablity for all concerns and questions.

Alan is a skilled match maker. When we told him about our living in the city, he took Nathan to a hotel in San Diego to furthur aquaint him of the ways of elevators, crossing streets, heeling, sitting, staying, coming on command, bathroom business on pavement, as well as grass. We were astounded by the breadth of Nathan's aptitude, and his deep love of people- children flock to him, seniors, family members, other dogs, and strangers alike are drawn to his beauty and his joy of life. He came to us when he was 5 1/2 months old. He is now 3 years old. In short, he is balanced, and yes, he DOES have a heart of GOLD. He is what we think of as a zen master, he is the gentlest, and appropriately protective. He has a sense of humor and he wants to please. We Highly recommend Shadalane.- Sincerely, G.M. Parker, T.J. Waddell

-Folley's Owner

Hi Alan,

We haven't communicated for a while so after reading your "new" web page thought I would check in!  Hope things are going well and that Vista is almost a "go"!  I am anxious to see it...when available.

Folley is great and everything you said about your puppies on your "web Page"  is true.   Anytime you need a I am! 

I finally figured out how to order the NuVet Vitamins and they couldn't have been nicer...I'm learning!
Off to take the three of them to walk the new Conservancy Trail by the Lagoon in Del Mar.
Keep in touch and let me know about the new facility...and how you do at Westminster...

Fondly, Binkie

P.S.  Talked to Kim *********, Benjamin's mom, last week and we both compared notes and came out with the same are a dog whisperer...without equal!
Proud parents with their new golden puppy!
Dear Alan,

How to say thank you for such a loving, well-trained and special dog? To have Joey delivered to our rural, Colorado address by his wonderful, kind trainer and her ever so nice sister was beyond the call. Jessica was ever so understanding of our crushing enthusiasm and was so patient with all of our questions. Everything precious about his trainer Jessica is reflected beautifully in Joey. Everywhere we take him, including the vet, we are stopped by people praising both his beauty and his gentleness. The grandchildren love to be with him to show young children how he shakes hands so sweetly. Never did I think a dog could be as loving as my Newfoundland’s, but Joey showed me in short order that he could do it all. Last week, I fell down the patio stairs and there was Joey not missing a beat. He was concerned and protective and I truly think he would have called for help if he could have spoken. We both came through it beautifully. Joey is a sheer joy! He listens well, plays nicely, travels easily, remembers his etiquette when dining out, and loves all of us despite our human frailties. He is the love of our life!
- D. Fenton

Dear Alan,

Just a note to bring you up to date on the progress of our wonderful Golden Retriever, Taylor. You will be happy to know that Taylor is really very responsive in all aspects of his training.  In the year and a half that we have had him, he has not chewed or destroyed anything in our home (except for his toys, which he seems to take great pleasure in destroying).  He is well socialized, a lover of people, other dogs and children.  We work on all of the commands that you have taught him and it certainly has paid off, just as you said that it would.  Thank you, Alan, for always being there to answer our questions and concerns.

We will be forever grateful to you and your knowledgeable training staff for producing such a great and well behaved companion.

Vanya and Jerry Hilbert, and Taylor too :)

Updated July 26th, 2016
Tanner (above, pictured with PTA Trainer, Joel), is a fun-loving male Golden Retriever who loves carrying toys in his mouth, with a wiggly & vocal smile as he greets people of all ages. He stands at approximately 23 inches at the withers and weighs in at a modest 73 lbs. Tanner's coat is a golden color and is straight wash and wear type of coat, with a slight wave. At full maturity, he will possess a long mane and a beautiful shape to his outline. His substantial head size is of a type that pleases the proportions of his muzzle or snout. Aside from his beautiful physical attributes, his temperament and disposition are traits appropriate to be a service dog. He is obedient and always willing to please. Although he is calm by nature, he does have a personality that can be comical and entertaining. One can turn on his "switch" and show him a ball to instantly romp and play with exuberant energy. His father is an AKC Champion and both of his parents have all the certificates for any of the health clearances required by the Golden Retriever Club of America. More information on tanner is available. (Posted July 28, 2016)
Cassidy (above, pictured with PTA Trainer, Nate) - is a beautiful 7 month old female, available as a fully trained golden. Her physical features are exceptional, with a beautiful head piece, sweet expression, gorgeous thick coat, and good bone and substance. She is at 21 1/2 inches at the withers and weighs 60 lbs. When she graduates, she will have possessed obedience and manners training fit for anybody who will appreciate her spirit and sweet, loving personality. For more information, ask for Cheryl or Janna.