At our training facility, we offer trained golden retrievers at its finest.  Our trained golden retrievers begin their training regimen at 8 weeks old.  Our definition of a fully trained golden retriever puppy is one that is trained to sit, stay, lie down, eliminate on command, love their crate or bed, walk on a leash nicely, and to “leave it.”  The trained golden retriever puppy may even know a few other tricks such as “roll over”, “high five”, and “shake.”
Welcome to the Puppy Training Academy.
If you’re interested in a trained golden retriever puppy, understand that they will always be puppies until they are about a year and half.  They will not fully mature until they are about 2 or 3 years old.  What we offer is a fantastic start for an inquisitive puppy to learn and to develop knowledge and thinking that will last them a lifetime.  Once you attain the puppy to be in your home, they will have the skills and behavior to give you and your family a wonderful experience throughout puppy hood.  The opportunity here is to save a great deal of time, knowledge, and experience that you or family may not have to properly train golden retrievers to its full potential. 
Puppies will always be puppies.  Our trained golden retriever puppies will always have that inquisitive nature to investigate and to learn.  If not taught properly, they can become confused and frustrated very easily.  Unless you have a great deal of time, or hire a certified dog trainer to spend every night with your puppy for 10 weeks, your puppy may not be able to master all the basic obedient commands.  Our ability to teach qualified golden retriever puppies to stay in its bed, “go potty” on command, to walk and greet others nicely, and to come when called (consistently) may be an invaluable service for you and your family.
We expose our trained golden retrievers to a variety of environmental settings, such as shopping centers, banks, parks, etc.  They are also very much exposed to the indoor setting.  They sleep in the home, and roam freely when supervised.  They are taught to run to their doggie beds and to stay for a lengthy period of time.  They are also taught to go into their crates and to love it.  Yes, they will love it.  With the “leave it” command, they are taught not to chew on furniture, remote controls, and various expensive items.    Our trained golden retriever puppies will know, by your command, what is not “okay” and what is “okay” to chew.  (Teething puppies will always need to chew on Nylabones or Kongs)
We do have a limited number of puppies in our small class.  If another golden retriever puppy student is enrolled, we begin another class at another time.  Our objective is to successfully train golden retrievers who will exhibit the behavior and calmness of a well trained golden retriever. 
Each puppy will be evaluated and graded on a daily basis.  Each will have a progress report by all 3 teachers, every day.  Each student puppy will receive a letter grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “N” for each of the commands that they are being taught for each day.  On occasion, we will advance a puppy to an extended program to learn neat doggie tricks. 
Once the puppy has received his 3rd set of vaccinations, has mastered most of the commands – sit, stay, down, heel, etc., we take the puppy to the park, shopping centers or malls, or to a friend’s ranch.  The field trips are designed to give our trained golden retrievers full exposure to as many people, sights, sounds, and fun filled experiences.  This is where we are able to truly assess their abilities and their progress.
Our Trained Golden Retriever puppies are for families who desire to have a well behaved golden retriever puppy.  Our trained golden retrievers are also available to advance into programs utilized for service therapy and disabilities.  As members of the Association Pet Dog Trainers, we are proud of our achievement and the puppies that have inspired us to continue doing what we do best.
In our program, they are taught: Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Heel , Walk nicely on a leash, Really Reliable Recall (“Come” consistently), Trained to love his crate or bed and to stay until released, Greet people nicely, Leave it, Eliminate on Command, Additionally we may even train some fun activities like High Five, Shake, Roll-Over,  Wash your dishes (Just kidding).