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(Arson, Shown by Beth Johnson)
Golden Retriever Breeder / Professional Handling 
Puppy Training Academy  San Diego, California
Association for Pet Dog Trainers, (APDT) 
Shoreline Dog Fancier’s Association - Sporting Group Director
Email:  Shadalane@aol.com 
Vista, CA    (760) 295-2222  
Puppy Training Academy Staff
Important stimulation techniques and exercises begin on the first day one of our puppies’ lives. This unique program of grooming and handling developed specifically for puppies at the Puppy Training Academy has a profound and beneficial impact in its mental health. Every day, each pup will go through a five minute handling exercise. This is done with each pup twice a day, everyday, until they are about four weeks old. They are also played with by family members, friends and members of the local Fallbrook community. 

In each of the litters we produce, we make it a priority to select the best candidates for advanced training. All puppies will go through a series of temperament testing but the ones that we choose for training will have outshined the rest in adaptability, trainability and temperament.
Our Trained Golden Puppies
We train golden retriever puppies because we enjoy it. The reward comes from the progression  that we see from week to week with each puppy. Once we are able to determine that a particular trained golden retriever puppy is ready to go home, we know that the owners will have an easier time throughout the transition period. Sending home a trained golden retriever puppy is truly heartbreaking and very emotional for us. It is hard to depart with a puppy that we have spent a great deal of time training, caring, and loving. However, once we know that they are safe with their new family and that they are enjoying the benefits of having one of our trained golden retriever puppies, we are thrilled to hear about the love and adoration that they indeed have. It helps us to know that our efforts in providing trained golden retriever puppies or trained golden retriever young adults are appreciated once we learn that each trained golden retriever puppy is actually living as a true member of their new family.
Johnny - Our Traned Golden.
Arson SDHF - Shown By Bruce
(Arson - Show Dog Hall of Fame)
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Welcome to Shadalane Golden Retrievers!
Our lives are dedicated to our beautiful golden retrievers.  We have partnerships with several of the highest accomplished Golden Retriever breeders in America. Our golden retrievers, as shown in their pedigrees, have as well some great accomplished accolades made within the dog show world.  We and our partnerships are truly dedicated to improving the breed, incorporating lineage with the best possible outcomes and diversity in a limited breeding program to produce structure, beauty, brains and temperament. With the help of many successful breeders, it has allowed us to succeed in improving our breeding program with knowledge that has been passed down from many generations. We are dedicated to ensure that our goldens are giving the best home possible.  We have eventually become an informational tool for those in search of quality Golden Retrievers in Southern California and within San Diego County. 
Our Trained Golden Retriever Puppies
If you’re searching for a trained Golden Retriever puppy that is intelligent, well-behaved, obedient and housebroken, you’ve come to the right place. Our puppies have outstanding pedigrees that come from generations of meticulous breeding programs and undergo extensive temperament testing, training and socialization. Our eight years of puppy breeding, training and showing were preceded by many years of experience with adult Golden Retrievers. As Golden Retriever breeders, we selectively breed for temperament, beauty, conformation and intelligence. Breeding from Golden Retriever stud dogs that have received the highest accolades in the dog show arena, we’ve produced AKC Golden Retriever Champions, Golden Retriever Show Dog Hall of Fame achievers, and Obedience titled Golden Retrievers. The pedigrees of our puppies and young adult dogs are considered “top of the line” among other breeders. The pride we take in our Golden Retriever breeding program is reflected in the good relationships we maintain with our puppy buyers throughout the years.
As members of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), we’re very familiar with several positive training methods and have successfully devised a training program for puppies as young as six weeks of age. Our training techniques provide truly positive guidance for puppies at this tender age. Although we will eventually implement positive corrections for puppies 12 weeks and older, we always provide a very social and happy atmosphere for puppies in training.
The health of our dogs has been meticulously screened for several generations. We test hearts, hips, eyes and elbows of puppies that are over five months of age. Their parents will always have had their clearances prior to breeding. We guarantee the health of our dogs for three years. We can do this with confidence because we continually evaluate the lineage of dogs in the pedigrees of our breeding program. If there is any question as to the health of any Golden Retriever, we remove it from the breeding program because we are committed to producing only happy, healthy, beautiful and smart Golden Retrievers. This is not only to guard our reputation, it’s for those who will ultimately enjoy the excellent companionship of one of our Golden Retrievers.

We believe that the basic and highly important criteria in producing very well trained golden retriever puppies have been bred by the top golden retriever breeders in the country. Our own breeding program comprise of truly high quality golden retrievers in its pedigrees. We set a high degree of standard in a breeding program. We also temperament test and evaluate intelligence in each litter, selecting only those with the highest scores of the litter. It truly insures the quality in our trained golden retriever puppies' type, temperament, health, and looks. It is what we know families will enjoy and desire from a trained golden retriever puppy. 

Truly, our greatest satisfaction is developing a long lasting relationship with the people and families who acquire a trained golden retriever puppy or trained golden retriever young adult. We have families who have been consistently diligent about sending us pictures and videos. It is a treasure that can not be measured in any other way.

If you are interested in knowing more about our trained golden retriever puppies or trained young adult golden retrievers, please indicate in an email. If you are interested in a trained golden retriever puppy as a service dog, please go to ServiceCompanionDogsofAmerica.org to fill out any necessary forms required.
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Brandon, Our AKC Champion

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All of our Golden Retriever puppies for sale live in a household environment to insure that each is already accustomed and comfortable living in a home. They learn basic manners and house rules, are trained to stay in their beds, and they are taught to chew only on their toys whenever they are free-roaming in the house. A healthy Golden Retriever puppy will always have an inquisitive nature but our training program teaches them proper manners in the home.

Our breeding program is limited so we may or may not have puppies available for homes at any given time. If no puppy is available, we are happy to discuss a reservation and to be placed on our waiting list.

The concept of taking on a golden retriever puppy or trained golden retriever young adult rather than golden retriever puppies at 8 weeks is becoming more and more desired by people and families who have gone through the puppy stages; and they remember how much work it involved. There are those who would rather have them start off with the right foundation, continue the training, while transitioning to a more joyful experience. It is not to say that our trained golden retriever puppies will be trained golden retriever adults, because they aren't. They are still puppies. They are curious and learning still. But with the bombardment of training from a staff of experienced trainers and caretakers, they are that much more advanced than most puppies at their age. The early on training they receive will only enhance their minds as puppies and throughout adulthood.
Golden Retriever Puppies
Update November 5th, 2017
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