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(Arson, Shown by Beth Johnson)
Golden Retriever Breeder / Professional Handling 
Puppy Training Academy  San Diego, California
Association for Pet Dog Trainers, (APDT) 
Shoreline Dog Fancier’s Association - Sporting Group Director
Email:  Shadalane@aol.com 
Vista, CA    (760) 295-2222  
Puppy Training Academy Staff
Important stimulation techniques and exercises begin on the first day of a puppy's life. A unique program of grooming, handling, socialization, and training can have a profound and beneficial impact in his mental health. Each pup will go through a several minutes of handling exercise, daily. This should be done with each pup twice a day, everyday, until they are about four weeks old. They should also be played with by family members, friends and members of the local community. 

In each of the litters we produce, we make it a priority to temperament test each puppy so we can appropriately place him/her in the right home. We assess energy level, training aptitude, intelligence, temperament, and conformation qualities.
Our Trained Golden Puppies

Johnny - Our Traned Golden.
Arson SDHF - Shown By Bruce
(Arson - Show Dog Hall of Fame)
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Welcome to Shadalane Golden Retrievers!
Our lives are dedicated to our beautiful golden retrievers.  We have partnerships with several of the highest accomplished Golden Retriever breeders in America. Our golden retrievers, proven in their pedigrees, have a high percentage of AKC Champion titled within a 5 generation pedigree.  We are truly dedicated to improving the breed, incorporating lineage with the best possible outcomes and diversity, (in a limited breeding program), to produce structure, beauty, brains and temperament. With the help of many successful breeders, it has allowed us to succeed with improving our breeding program through knowledge that has been passed down from many generations of well accomplished breeders. As hobby breeders, we are dedicated to ensure that each golden puppy we produce, are appropriately placed in a home who will only accept them as a genuine family member in the home and not one to be left out in the backyard.  
As breeders, we feel that it is our duty and commitment to be used as an informational tool for those in search of quality Golden Retrievers in Southern California and within San Diego County. 
Our Trained Golden Retriever Puppies
Understanding that some families may not have the experience, patience, and skills with training young puppies, our Trainers, Staff, and Volunteers at the Puppy Training Academy was developed to ensure that each puppy produced at Shadalane Golden Retrievers, is an absolute loving member of the family. We want the puppy or young adult golden to possess the manners, potty training skills, and socialization abilities to be able to live inside the home, with the rest of his/her human pack. Because Golden Retrievers are sensitive as a breed, to add in the young age factor, it is highly recommended to utilize a positive reinforcement training curriculum. Most families are unaware of the various training methods and how to appropriately implement them. Shadalane has partnered with the Puppy Training Academy to develop a highly effective training program with highly skilled trainers, to help families build a strong foundation through repetitions, field trip socialization, clicker training, classical conditioning methods, and most importantly, training the families to follow a consistent training protocol. 

As members of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the Puppy Training Academy is very familiar with several positive reinforcement training methods. They have successfully devised a training program for puppies as young as six weeks of age. Their training techniques provide loving guidance for puppies at this tender age. At approximately 12 weeks of age, appropriate, but subtle corrections will be implemented. Nonetheless, the Puppy Training Academy will always provide a very social and happy atmosphere.
The health of our dogs has been meticulously screened for several generations. We screen cardiac (heart), orthopedics, (hips & elbows), & Ophthalmology (eyes). Immediate parents will always have had their clearances prior to breeding. We have confidence that  the health of our goldens' hips, elbows, eyes, & heart will be normal for 3 years because we continually evaluate the lineage of dogs in the pedigrees of our breeding program. If there is any question as to the health of any Golden Retriever, we remove it from the breeding program. Although we do the best that we can with screening parents of puppies we produce by minimizing the chances of cancer, congenital defects, or even hereditary issues, the integrity or our breeding program includes knowing that it exists in all goldens. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our Golden Retriever puppies, trained golden retriever puppies, or trained young adult golden retrievers, please indicate in an email. If you are interested in having your puppy trained with the Puppy Training Academy, feel free to call (760) 295-2222. If you are interested in advance training or a trained golden retriever puppy as a service dog, please go to ServiceCompanionDogsofAmerica.org to fill out any necessary forms required.
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Brandon, Our AKC Champion

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All of our Golden Retriever puppies for sale live in a household environment to insure that each is already accustomed and comfortable living in a home. They learn basic manners and house rules, are trained to stay in their beds, and they are taught to chew only on their toys whenever they are free-roaming in the house. A healthy Golden Retriever puppy will always have an inquisitive nature but our training program teaches them proper manners in the home.

Our breeding program is limited so we may or may not have puppies available for homes at any given time. If we do not have puppies, we are happy to discuss a reservation for a future litter, or direct you to a breeder who may have puppies on the ground.

The concept of acquiring an older, trained golden retriever puppy or young adult is becoming more and more desired by people and families who have gone through the puppy stages, remembering how much work it involves. There are those who would rather have them start off with the right foundation, continue the training, while transitioning to a more joyful experience. Training puppies in a very social environment will attain the same benefits of what human children get from elementary and junior high schools. The bombardment of training from a staff of experienced trainers and caretakers, they are that much more advanced than most puppies at their age than those who have not been so fortunate. The early training they receive will only enhance their minds as puppies, which will be realized throughout adulthood.
Golden Retriever Puppies Available , Please Call.
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Please visit our boarding/grooming website at www.margalepetresort.com
Give us a call and ask for a copy of a recently published book, co-written by Shadalane Breeder, Alan Gunther! You can also go on Amazon. Everything you need to know on training, diet, health, and what to expect. It is definitely a valuable tool for any new golden retriever puppy owners. 760-295-2222
We breed purebred show goldens. However, the puppies we will not show, are available to qualified homes who can love them as their family pet. If you are still ambivalent on purebred goldens, please go to your local shelter and rescue an amazing dog in need of a good family and home. - Alan Gunther